Well, after eating way too much ham, Easter candy, and chocolate cheesecake (the angels were singing, believe me) I am now back on the road for home. Continue Reading »


New Jersey.  Yes, the state that no one wants to be associated with, but where everyone has at least one relative who calls it home.  And wouldn’t you know it, this holiday weekend has me hoppin’ a few state lines… Continue Reading »


As a Vermont native, I am familiar with the notion that here in the green state, things can get a little slow during the winter.  Okay, make that a lot slow.  It’s okay those first few months, but then you begin to wonder……who would ever choose to stay in this place?!  Continue Reading »

Ever wonder where those extremely odd and funny pictures you took during that last family vacation went?  Well, I was wondering that myself today, and thought I would do a little rumaging through my digital library (almost an oxymoron, that).   Continue Reading »

Rattlesnake's Rule - Don't leave the trail or your going to drool 🙂

Yes, I was that kind of kid.  Older sisters can be a prime target for the best practical jokes, but I also knew that sooner or later it would get me killed (ah, there is nothing like a siblings rath).  Continue Reading »

I thought that while I was on a food-kick in my blog, I should mention another scrumptious little place that no one has

 heard of out west. 

Okay, I know I have a history with Deming, New Mexico (and rightfully so…nobody likes to spend Christmas in a cheap motel waiting to hear bad news about the family van 2,000 miles from home), BUT…. Continue Reading »